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Aspergillus Niger In Corn And Peanuts

Wordpress.Com was never moving to Microsoft's Azure Cloud.

About Tax Freedom Day In The UK

French court orders Google Inc to pay 5,000 euros ($6,750) in libel damages

Protest the proposed badger cull in Britain

A Serious Man – Being A Fool When Everyone Is Smart

Honey At Google

Fuji X100 - I am posting the picture because I lust after this camera and can stare at the picture

Colony collapse disorder in Scotland - Q&A in Scottish Parliament #bees #honeybees

Justified Text - Coming to a web near you

"If key infrastructures are not hardened, the next such flare could have world-wide, catastrophic impact."

A long explanation of the first few milliseconds of an HTTPS connection

Migratory birds (up to 10,000) had become trapped in the light beams

My Online World Is Becoming Fragmented

"But the really cool thing that I just got going is doing SSH tunneling with an app called ConnectBot."

Just got back from Edinburgh where I observed that

expanding comment box invites nonsense stream of consciousness

How To Get Your Custom Domain Name To Direct To Blogger

Talya Imas was nine months' pregnant when she was killed