Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Guardian or Telegraph on Yahoo homepage!?

Here below is the question and a selection of comments (but no answers) from disgruntled Yahoo viewers who can no longer see headlines from the Guardian, Telegraph, and Daily Mail newspapers on the Yahoo homepage.
I am one of the disgruntled users who likes/liked the layout of news headlines on Yahoo.
I like to scan news from around the world and I get the Guardian, the Telegraph, and other newspaper headlines from around the world, on iGoogle.
I preferred the format on Yahoo, which if I recall it correctly (amazing how quickly the details of the format has faded from my memory) was all in one central box with tabs for the newspapers and connected links to related images above the tabs.
What's happened to Daily Mail, Guardian and Daily Telegraph tabs on Yahoo UK home page?
charles - 2010-08-05 19:56:07 - Other - Yahoo! Products
Up to yesterday, I could click directly into these newspaper sites. They were the best reason for having yahoo as my home page. Now it's just 'news', 'sport', 'entertainment' and' finance'. Why?
The same has happened to me too and I agree with you.
They feel that they need to keep changing things, for some reason; this is not always appreciated by the users.
Newspapers are losing money are limiting their sites so people buy more papers..
It can't be because of subscription issue. you can still google these papers and read them. Yahoo should stop changing user areas without asking the users. It give you lots of way to "tailor" your yahoo and then just ignores all this "choice" by changing anything it feels like. So so irritating.
I am another user not happy that these tabs have been removed overnight without any warning or explanation!
Tried fiddling around, can't get them back either. Really annoyed by this.
has anyone heard any more about this? I liked the different papers view they just went without any notice/comment or any apparent opportunity to give any feed back
agree with all above - can't even find where to formally query this. Going to wait a couple of days to see if it a glitch then will have to find new homepage. This is rubbish. Does anyone know of a similar news comparison site?Read more at

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