Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fooling the public's ears with Auto-Tune

I love singing in the privacy of my home. I can hold a tune. I hate the idea that singers who perform are having their voices 'perfected'
The history of Auto-Tune
This time last week, most people had never heard of Auto-Tune. Now everyone is talking about it. Despite playing a key role in selling millions of songs over the last decade, it's taken a hugely controversial appearance on the ‘X Factor' to raise the profile of this recording studio tool. But what exactly is Auto-Tune?
It's pitch-correcting computer software devised by US scientist Andy Hildebrand, after he was challenegd by a dinner party guest to invent a machine to help people sing in tune. His firm Antares Audio Technologies launched it in 1997, armed with the adage "I can't believe that's possible" and innovative products to match for musicians, producers and engineers.Read more at new.uk.music.yahoo.com

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