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An argument against A B split testing

I read an article on Yahoo News about the bedbug epidemic in the U.S. - a comment mentioned diatomaceous earth

A small shortfall in the amount accounted for: U.S. > Iraq

There are a jaw-dropping 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf of Mexico:

Plastic debris, mostly from US shores, floats in a great circle of currents north of Hawaii that is larger than t

Hundreds of thousands of seabirds are killed every year in European waters when they get hooked on baited lines

The power of repetition in photography is shown incidentally in an article in the Guardian Extra today, with

I Recommend Chris Rock's Documentary 'Good Hair'

ODP enables any web page to become a social object

Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo versus the ICC

Where to buy Polaroid film in London


FriendFeed Feedburner Counts Not Being Counted: Issue

Testing Autopost To Posterous

When I Didn’t Take A Camera — Photograph Works

Smoking Areas - {From ReflectionOf.Me}

Puffin Numbers Up

hotpixel - new header

Write to your MP to seek reassurance he or she will vote against the repeal of the Hunting Act 2004

Quillcards Blog Chosen As A Lonely Planet Featured Site — The Quillcards Blog

Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4 {For Posterity}

European Court reject UK appeal re s.44 stop and search

One Flew Over The Twitter Nest {I love Twitter, really}

Oil Spill Whale

Bold type appearing in web pages today