bX-9x80od Error and Solution

I got this error when I tried to change the color of a link on my blog.

I googled 'bX-9x80od' and saw that it was a problem that had been reported many times.

The solution is simple. It doesn't involve a workaround or anything strange. It is just a question of going to the correct page in your blog set-up.

The basis of the error comes from the fact that people are using the new templates in draft.blogger.com, but the page you would normally go to in order to change link colors etc, only works for the older blogger templates.

So if you are in your blog and you go to 'Layout' and you see this:

Then you are in the wrong page. If you click on 'Fonts and Colors' you will go to a page that looks like you should be able to change link colors etc., but it will bring up an error when you try to save it.

If you are looking at your blog (rather than the admin panel) and you click on customize, it will still take you to the wrong page:

This is what you should be doing, instead.

Go to Dashboard, click on 'Layout' and you will see a new tab called 'Template Designer'. That is the one you want, and the rest is easy and straightforward from there.

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