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Why Take Our Own Computer?
With so many cyber-cafes in India, having your own computer is not necessary for general browsing and for emails.

However, we wanted to add posts to this blog as we traveled. Because almost all of our blog posts feature photographs, that meant that we needed to be able to upload and work with photographs that we took.

And of course, there was the matter of security when uploading articles to our server.

Another reason for taking a computer was simply that we could take the photographs from the card in the camera and store them on the hard drive.

Because we use Macs at home we wanted to stick with something we knew and which we could work with easily. So a Mac it was going to be.

Having said that, we did see a lot of people with netbooks and they seemed happy with them.

Which Mac?
Why the Macbook Air and not a Macbook or a Macbook Pro? In the end it came down to

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