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210,000 Barrels Of Oil Spilling Into The Sea — Photograph Works

Center for Pollinator Research BOOKMARK THIS IMPORTANT SITE

Preliminary Results: Honey Bee Colonies Losses in the U.S., winter 2009-2010 — Center for Pollinator Research — Penn State College of Ag Sciences

One of the advantages of Posterous

Monkey In A Fort and Monkey In A Zoo — Photograph Works

Detecting suspicious Gmail account activity - Official Gmail Blog

Twitter: @anywhere

Wordpress Plugin: A Better Tag Cloud Widget - Don't Make This Mistake!

Our Photograph Featured In The Yorkshire Dales Visitor Guide — Quillcards

Factfiles about the UK all this week in the Guardian

Belgium's government resigns over language dispute | The Guardian

Posterous - posting from the web

Spring flowers from Light Scrape [a blog I follow]

Is this how Google Maps StreetView recognizes faces?

Webhooks in explained

Why does the environmentally aware Co-op sell cigarettes anyway? [Co-op fined £14m for price fixing]

Be careful by ~antontang on deviantART

Hacked emails: UEA climate change scientists cleared of malpractice - [good]

A song from a friend of mine - living in Anadu

Registration is now open for the 7th International Penguin Conference

Google PowerMeter Free Energy Monitoring Tool

Richard Dawkins calls for Pope to be put on trial | The Guardian

the three doorways distortion

Who's Who is Kyrgyzstan

Straight talking by the US over Kyrgyzstan reported in The Guardian

Video: Kyrgyzstan opposition takes power after president flees popular revolt | World news |

I just heard there was a coup in Kyrgyzstan yesterday - this is where it is [marked red on this easy map]

Investors rush to sell Greek bonds | World news | The Guardian

Easy Social Bookmark Link Creator For Blogs

SIGGRAPH 2010: Parametric Reshaping of Human Bodies in Images

Space Shuttle Discovery arrived!

Canon S90 on the left | Panasonic LX3 on the right

iPad - what it looks like taken to pieces

I don't know where this photo originated, but it [shows] what is inside an iPad...

FeedBlitz News: Zombie Blogs and How They Can Hurt You

Richard Peters video on The Panasonic TZ7

301 Redirects Do Not Pass Full PageRank & Link Value

Travels With A Macbook Air In India — Quillcards

Pope's preacher compares child abuse row to anti-Semitism

I came across this infrared photo - Cedar Hill - New York Photography Blog

Honeybee Survey #blessedbees #honeybees #bees

Google Translate for Animals LIBEL!!

China supports Barack Obama's call for new Iran sanctions | The Guardian

TagBulb - Tag Search Simplified - Try it

Twitter Closing Down For Good