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Private Eye Front Cover Goes To Town On Nick Griffin And The BNP

Private Eye Front Cover Goes To Town On Nick Griffin And The BNP. For those who are not familiar with the BNP it is a right-wing party in the UK that has been accused of being an ultra-right party akin to fascists.

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Official Google Blog: Similar Images graduates from Google Labs

Similar Images graduates from Google Labs 10/27/2009 03:34:00 PM Today, we're happy to announce that Similar Images is graduating from Google Labs and becoming a permanent feature in Google Images. You can try it out by clicking on "Find similar images" below the most popular images in our search results. via Posted via web from hotpixel

Dunbar's Number isn't just a number, it's the law - and a comment

QUOTE:Dunbar's number is 150.And he's not compromising, no matter how much you whine about it.Dunbar postulated that the typical human being can only have 150 friends. One hundred fifty people in the tribe. After that, we just aren't cognitively organized to handle and track new people easily. That's why, without external forces, human tribes tend to split in two after they reach this size. It's why WL Gore limits the size of their offices to 150 (when they grow, they build a whole new building).Facebook and Twitter and blogs fly in the face of Dunbar's number. They put hundreds or thousands of friendlies in front of us, people we would have lost touch with (why? because of Dunbar!) except that they keep digitally reappearing.Reunions are a great example of Dunbar's number at work. You might like a dozen people you meet at that reunion, but you can't keep up, because you're full.Some people online are trying to flaunt Dunbar's number, to become …

For The First Time In History

The circus has come to town and you are lucky to have been introduced to the guy with the big flat shoes.

Boy, are you the lucky one. He smiles; he beckons. The hairs on your neck stand up. You recognize him. He is your long lost father. How could he have known? Does he know you? After all, you have grown. When you last saw him you were, how old?

The tent is hushed. They know something is in the offing. The high wire beckons. You climb. The wires bite into your fingers. These shoes weren't meant for climbing. How are you going to get down? Where is the safety net - it was there a moment ago. Time to show you are a man. But you are not a man - you are a kid.

You tremble.

This is how it was meant to be. All those dreams were leading this way. You are the one.

He falls. The net is there after all.

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View from the Bridge in York during floods

via People have short memories. First came the floods in 2008, then the lazing about enjoying the sun in the summer of 2009. Forgetfulness is one of the greatest gifts. This photo of the flooding is also one of the ecards from Quillcards distinctive ecards Quillcards distinctive ecards Posted via web from hotpixel