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Gutenberg Resources #3 - Container blocks

The theme I am using is on my test WordPress site is the Atomic Blocks theme from Array Themes. There is a version of the theme in the WordPress repository, but the version I am using is direct from Array Themes because I have a subscription. I am not sure what if any differences there are between the two versions. I am also using the Atomic Blocks Gutenberg plugin, which is also built by the people at Array Themes. It supplements the standard Gutenberg blocks to help you build pages.  It is freely available from the Atomic Blocks site. I am taking things slowly, using Gutenberg to get familiar with it. Note: One of the advantages of using container blocks is that although one might write paragraphs of text as separate blocks, one can contain them within one larger block and so, for example, I am able to put a background colour around all of the blocks rather than have them as separate blocks with white space showing between the paragraphs.
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Gutenberg Resources #2 - Reusable Blocks

I am aware that it is almost the height of irony to use a blog that is not built on WordPress to talk about the features of the Gutenberg editor for WordPress.
let's says the block is a paragraph of text with a fancy coloured background, and it is something you will want to use repeatedly.

Save it as a 'reusable block' and with one click you can import that structure into another post.

Here's a video from the Yoast people showing how it's done.

Gutenberg Resources #1

I've been using the Gutenberg plugin on a WordPress test site since January of this year (2018). You might think that makes me an experienced user, but the fact is that I constantly feel that I am not exploring all the features.
Just yesterday I learned that it is possible to see the layout structure or 'document outline' at it is called, of a page or post. I simply never noticed it before.
The document outline is a way to see how you have organized your content using headers. And you can jump to different parts of the content by clicking on any of the headers, rather than having to scroll to the section of the post you want to work on.
I can see this being useful when you are working on a piece of long-form writing and you have got a page or post with lots of text.
Here is a snapshot of the layout structure of a post I wrote yesterday after finding out about this view. I have pointed out the little 'i' in a circle - and when you click that it shows the rectangle …

Jacqueline du Pré

It occurred to me suddenly that I didn't know much about Jacqueline du Pré sounded like when she was playing. I know her story: I guess many people do. But I didn't know her playing. I have heard it in the past, but not enough to say I listened. I was younger then. Here she is playing - Dvořák Cello Concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim. Jacqueline du Pré and Daniel Barenboim were married at one time, perhaps when this was recorded?
Dvořák Cello Concerto

Rhetoric in Advertising

It’s considered old-fashioned to mention what makes one product different to others.

Why anyone might want it or need it.

Why it might be worth paying extra for, why it lasts longer, why it’s easier to use.
Any appeal to reason is seen as dinosaur thinking.

From Campaign Live

MarsEdit 4

I've been using MarsEdit for just over seven years. I started with version 2, and then upgraded to version 3 in 2010.Now, in 2018, I just upgraded to version 4. This is my first post with the upgrade and I'll report on it in a little while as I get used to the new version.Here is what Daniel of Red Sweater Software has to say about his product:Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be online just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not ideal for creating it. If you're serious about writing for the web, you need a desktop blog editor. If you're lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful, or more elegant than MarsEditRich and Plain Text Editing MarsEdit's editor switches easily from Plain to Rich Text, so you can work in whichever format you prefer. Love Markdown? MarsEdit can preview it and convert it to HTML if needed.Wildly Compatible Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type, and any …

The 75 Percent and Brexit

75% of young people voted Remain. This is their movement.
We represent the views of young pro-Europeans. Young people have been ignored since the EU referendum. The government has pursued a reckless hard Brexit, and opposition parties have done little to stop it. 75% will stand up for young people, and ensure that the views of Britain's future leaders, lawyers, teachers, doctors and, (crucially) voters are taken into account.