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No WooCommerce Product Reviews Tab?

No WooCommerce product reviews tab? 
Maybe this is why.
I decided to activate product reviews on a site running WooCommerce.
I recalled that I had disabled reviews soon after I set up the site. That was on the advice of someone writing about how to reduce load on the server with requests going back and forth. That was on a site getting thousands of hits an hour. Still, I followed the advice.
Now I wanted to bring back product reviews. They would show up in the Reviews tab next to the Description tab on single product pages.
I saw a comment by Mike Jolley of the WooCommerce team, that reviews are a type of comment. Therefore, comments have to be enabled on the site.
I had the Disable Comments plugin activated, so the first thing was to deactivate it. In fact, I no longer need it since Gutenberg. With Gutenberg you can mark any individual post or page ‘Allow Comments’ or not, by checking a box in the post or page sidebar.
Next thing, make sure that comments were set to be moderated before bein…
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They Said NO to Brexit

At Flying Twigs we are firmly in the ‘No Brexit’ camp – and not only because of the economic consequences although they look dire enough.

It’s equally because pulling up the drawbridge will cut us off culturally from Europe – and we need Europe. Europe needs us but we definitely need Europe.

These ‘No Brexit’ greeting cards are our humorous take on a serious subject.

We need to be part of Europe because we need to be able to immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds and conversations of Europe.

We need to be able to feel comfortable in Europe – everything from chatting about food, comparing how we dress, the things we and they think are important… These observations and interactions change us for the better when we have open minds.

We don’t need any barriers, and certainly no extra barriers – whether it is lines of people stacking up in the passport queues, or anything else – that signal that we are over the border and into ‘foreigner’ territory. We need to feel that Europe is ours …

The One

Whither UNRWA

The US State Department has issued a notice confirming the ending of US funding for UNRWA as what it describes as an irredeemably flawed organisation. Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Authority chairman described the notice as a grave assault on his people.

The US Administration has proposed transferring US contributions to UNRWA to the host countries (Lebanon, Jordan) for absorbing the refugees as citizens, instead of leaving the refugee issue on the negotiating table as what it describes as a constant obstacle to peace.

The notice is interesting not least because of President Trump's recent statement that after moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, he intended to give something good to the Palestinians.

UNRWA has rejected the accusation made by the US Administration that much of the funds goes to HAMAS for terrorist purposes. At the same time, the number of refugees has increased over the years  leading to an increase in demands on the funds.

Time will tell what the out…

Yoast Complains About Useless Bot Traffic

Joost de Valk of Yoast posted some data in May about bots crawling his site endlessly. He mentioned bots crawling the error pages (404s) on his site repeatedly, costing server time and electricity and for no benefit because his site is already well indexed.

He had particularly harsh words for Bing (the worst) and Google which he said were major offenders.

Gutenberg Resources #4 - Block Makers

I wasn't expecting people to come along and make new blocks for the benefit of all, but that is what is happening. Danny Cooper has bundled some blocks into a plugin named Editor Blocks, and it is available in the WordPress Repository
This is the list of blocks in the plugin, currently. I have used the pricing table, and I will work my way through the rest of the blocks in time.
Wrapper BlockPricing Table BlockTeam Members BlockHero BlockTestimonial BlockCallout BlockBrands BlockFeatures BlockHorizontal Feature BlockVertical Feature Block

Gutenberg Resources #3 - Container blocks

The theme I am using is on my test WordPress site is the Atomic Blocks theme from Array Themes. There is a version of the theme in the WordPress repository, but the version I am using is direct from Array Themes because I have a subscription. I am not sure what if any differences there are between the two versions. I am also using the Atomic Blocks Gutenberg plugin, which is also built by the people at Array Themes. It supplements the standard Gutenberg blocks to help you build pages.  It is freely available from the Atomic Blocks site. I am taking things slowly, using Gutenberg to get familiar with it. Note: One of the advantages of using container blocks is that although one might write paragraphs of text as separate blocks, one can contain them within one larger block and so, for example, I am able to put a background colour around all of the blocks rather than have them as separate blocks with white space showing between the paragraphs.