Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is How Many Deer There Are In The UK

Over one and half million deer in the UK. Wonder where they all are?

This Is How Many Deer There Are In The UK

A contributor going by the name of Snowhawkeyeone answered the question I posted yesterday on the BBC Nature UK website messageboard asking how many deer there are in the UK.
I was prompted to ask because of hearing Chris Packham say in AutumnWatch Unsprung, that 350,000 deer are culled in the UK annually.
The article states that there are more than 350,000 red deer, more than 800,000 roe deer, 150-200,000 fallow deer, more than 150,000 muntjac deer, approximately 35,000 sika deer, and approximately 10,000 Chinese water deer.
That’s a total of around one and a half million deer in the UK.
I guess that most of the 350,000 deer that are culled annually are roe deer.

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